Table Saw Dust Collection & Board Splitter Update for the MicroShop

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Table Saw Dust Collection & Board Splitter Addendum for the MicroShop

Both Metric AND Imperial (U.S.) Versions Included with Download!

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These instructions compliment the MicroShop plans and are a free download. If you haven’t built the MicroShop, they won’t make much sense, but you’re still free to download it 😉

About the plans:

  • Formatted for normal sized (8.5″ x 11″) printer paper, so you can print them at home.
  • Includes Imperial (U.S.) version AND Metric version!
  • They also include:

Tools required (or at least strongly suggested) to build this project:

  • If you built the MicroShop, you already have the tools you need to make these additions.

Good luck!

9 reviews for Table Saw Dust Collection & Board Splitter Update for the MicroShop

  1. Peter

    The dust capture design looks interesting and is similar to the scheme I implemented for the sanding table. It is good to see a follow up to the micro shop design and I am sure it will give good results (when I get around to building it ).

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thanks, Peter!

  2. Richard Malone (verified owner)

    Great Design, easy to follow instructions and drawings. I plan to modify these plans to make a dust collector for my table saw.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thank you, Richard!

  3. Kip Larsen (verified owner)

    I made the Board Splitter for my Microshop inspired table saw and it works perfectly. I had to lengthen it a little and I added a one-inch half circle to the top of the blade end of the splitter which will accommodate a blade guard.

    I’ll be making the dust collector next. Love the plans, very straight forward and easily readable.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Awesome! Thanks for the review!

  4. Travis Smith (verified owner)

    I built the dust collector and it fits perfectly. I have no complaints. Thanks for this one. I was trying to figure out how I could accomplish this without too much effort and this was perfect.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Travis, I’m glad you’re happy with it – thanks for the review!

  5. claudio (verified owner)

    very useful for collecting shavings, I no longer have to sweep

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Claudio, thanks for the review – I’m glad it’s working out for you!

  6. Andrei (verified owner)

    I like this project.
    I am going to build it.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thank you, Andrei!

  7. Marco BuStamante (verified owner)

    Made the dust collector ! Thank you

  8. Evert (verified owner)

    Werkt goed en is makkelijk in elkaar te zetten. Thnx.

  9. jim

    Great design. Easy to follow plans. Made a few of my own changes. Great addition to my shop.

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