Project Modifications

This mod is to accommodate a larger air compressor.

Kyle P. came up with this mod because he needed the workbench to accommodate his 6 gallon Bostich air compressor. He just cut a relief in the top of the compressor compartment lid. His table saw has plenty of void space in the undercarriage to allow for this mod. Kudos to Kyle for coming up with a really simple solution…much simpler than what I had originally thought up (see below). Thanks Kyle!

Below, Bonnie W.’s build has been modified to accommodate a taller air compressor, and she has gone the extra step of covering the cutout to help keep the noise down.

Here’s another way to mod the workbench and allow for a larger compressor.

This is a good way to about it if you don’t want to have a hole in the air compressor lid. The 17.5″ dimension is called for because the customer’s compressor was just under 17.5″ wide. Kyle’s solution was a lot simpler, so only do this if you’re really opposed to (or your table saw doesn’t allow for) the “hole-in-the-lid” mod shown above.

Andrew H. did the “drop-the-floor” mod to allow for a larger compressor as depicted above in the CAD drawings. Below are the images of his actual build. His compressor is a Bostich 6 gallon, and this mod should be helpful for creating more head-room in the compressor compartment for compressors of the same or similar size. If you really needed to, you could probably combine this mod with the “hole-in-the-lid” mod to get even more room. Thanks for sharing these, Andrew!

This mod is to accommodate a Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw, which is larger than the space available for a table saw in the original design.

This same method can be used for other saws that are similar in size to the C10RJ, and maybe even slightly larger (depending on how crazy you want to get with the shelf). This mod was also built by Kyle P. It’s basically just a shelf that effectively extends the length of the workbench to catch any overhang your saw might have.

This mod allows you to access the compressor without having to remove the table saw.

This is a really great solution for draining the compressor if you use it often and therefore need to drain it often. Thanks for this one goes to Sean D. He just added a hinged door to the compressor compartment at the end of the workbench. Good job Sean!

This mod allows you to have the miter saw at full height.

Brad S. built this workbench and modified the top to have a manual flip up area for the miter saw (it needs to be lifted and placed in position). This opens up room for larger miter saws, especially ones that have sliders. In the original design, sliders would crash with the cabinet housing (in most cases), and this mod makes it to where any saw that fits in the width of the cabinet space, even if it has sliders, will be able to function properly. This is because when the saw is in use-position, the sliders won’t be restricted by the cabinet walls when making angled cuts. He also included an aluminum slot so he could install a stop for making repeated cuts. You knocked it out of the park on this one – great job, Brad!

This mod allows you to accommodate much larger miter saws.

Below, Rod M. modified the One Minute Workbench, V2 to accommodate a larger miter saw (the DeWalt DWS779) by notching the cabinet wall. Cutting a notch allows the slides of the saw a place to go so you can get full rotation of the saw for making angled cuts. Thank you for these pics, Rod!