Customer Build Photos

I’ve wanted to start a customer gallery for a long time, and it’s finally here.

Kicking things off is the Collapsible One Minute Workbench, built by Dave; be sure to check out Dave’s review!

Collapsible One Minute Workbench, built by Dave. Added 1/5/2018.
Drill Powered Lathe, built by Mike Hardin. Added 6/13/2018.
Twin Screw Vise, built by Mike Hardin. Made from old growth pine that was salvaged from an old barn! Added 7/11/2018.
One Minute Workbench V2, built by Andrew. Finished with 5 coats of varnish! Added 8/20/2018. Check out Andrew’s review here.
9″ Disc Sander, built by Mike Hardin. Added 8/22/2018. Check out Mike’s review here.
One Minute Workbench V2, built by Dave Van Fleet. Dave already had a miter saw station, so he opted to put his planer on the pull out shelf – it turned out great! Added 8/22/2018. Dave also has photos of the workbench and the cool stuff he builds on his Instagram – check it out! And be sure to check out Dave’s review here.
Mobile jointer cart plans with major modifications built by Chris Hayes. Chris used the standard plans as a starting point and came up with his own mods to accommodate his jointer and planer with some really cool pull out shelves – he really did an awesome job! Added 9/6/2018.
One Minute Workbench, V2 built by Sean DuGuay. Sean has a miter station, so he added his planer to the pull out shelf. He also has a battery operated compressor, so he added a door to the compressor compartment so he can have quicker access. Looks great Sean! Added 9/6/2018. Check out Sean’s review here!
One Minute Workbench, V2 built by Duke Paluch. He did a great job on this build! Added 10/4/2018. Check out Duke’s review here.
Angle Grinder Chop Saw, built by Mike Hardin. This is Mike’s 4th project build, and he’s building these things fast! Just look around the gallery and the reviews sections and you’ll see the stuff Mike has been building. Great job, Mike! Added 10/16/2018. Check out Mike’s review here.

Drill Press Vise, two ways, built by Mike Hardin. Mike built two of these, one from plywood, and another from poplar. This is Mike’s 5th (and 6th) project build! Just look around the gallery and the reviews sections and you’ll see the stuff Mike has been building. Great job, Mike! Added 10/26/2018, updated 11/9/2018. Check out Mike’s review here.

Drill powered lathe, modified to work with a standard motor. Built by David J. He says he’s never done any lathe work before this and the image shown above is one of his practice pieces. From his practice piece, I’d say he’s already far more talented than I am! Added 1/20/2019.

One Minute Workbench V2 built by Kevin S. He did a really great job on this build! I especially like the use of blue tape to mark the pieces – I thought I was meticulous! 😉 Added 2/20/2019. Thanks for sharing these build photos, Kevin!

UPDATE 2/26/2019: Kevin added his version of the twin screw vise. He welded a coupling nut to a small plate so that he can have the threads go internally – great job!

This here is Bonnie W.’s workbench build. This is one of her first few projects, and although she didn’t intend for it to be purple, she has come to love it. Actually, she tells the story way better than ever I could, so have look at her review here! Thanks again Bonnie – and great job on the build! Added 2/26/2019

This is Graham L’s version of the vise mounted router table. He did a great job going above and beyond by using a metal plate and t-tracks! Added 4/11/2019

If you’ve built any of the One Minute Workbench projects, send me an email with pics of your build, and I’ll add them to the gallery. Can’t wait to see who else has built something!

This is Chuck B’s build. He did a bang-up job, and I really like the color scheme too….reminds me of another build 😉 Great job, Chuck! Added 4-19-2019

This is Quentin D’s build of the One Minute Workbench, V1 (the collapsible workbench). I think he did a great job, and I dig the color scheme! I also dig that Radio Flyer in the background 😉 Added 5/13/2019.

This is Brad S’s build. He knocked it out of the park! He added a flip up miter station with a t-slot embedded in the table for creating stops, and a full dust collection system with valves and an additional port at the end of the bench. He also added lots of nice little touches like paces to hang his push sticks and hand saws. Be sure to check out Brad’s Facebook page for the stuff he builds on his workbench. Thanks for these pictures, Brad! You did a really great job here! Added 5/18/2019.

This is David N’s build of the All-in-One Board Milling Station. I’d say it looks picture perfect – can’t get much better than that! Good job, David! Added 5/21/2019.

This is Dave F’s build. He made an extra larger version of the workbench that measures 40″ wide x 78″ long. He also changed things up with where the tools are located. He added a drawer under the table saw instead of a compressor compartment, and his planer in the rear position where the vacuum normally goes. If anyone is interested in making their version oversized like this, send me an email, and I share what Dave and I learned about this one, as well as specific measurements if you want to build it the same exact size. Dave, thanks for laying the groundwork for the XL version! Added 5/21/2019.

Duke P is back! This time he helped his brother build a One Minute Workbench V2 for himself! Great job guys – this photo made my day! Added 5/28/2019

This is the twin screw vise by Instagram handle @waycoolwood. It’s been modified to have the threads go internally. Thanks for sharing! Added 6/7/2019.

This is the Vise Mounted Jigsaw Table, built by Mike Hardin. This is Mike’s 7th build! Thanks for the pic! Added 6/17/2019.

This is the One Minute Workbench V2, built by Joel H. He included a before and after pic so we could see how things are coming together in his shop. Great job, Joel! Added 7/01/2019.

This is Terry O’s build of the One Minute Workbench V2. I love the color scheme, and he really got a shine to the top! Thanks for sharing these photos, Terry, and again, great job! Added 7/19/2019.

The above build is by Chuck F. He made some modifications to the cabinet spaces to fit a couple of toolboxes into the bench. This build came out really nice and square, the paint is excellent, and the finish on the top is as well. Great job, Chuck! Added 9/4/2019.

The above is an 8″ disc sander build by Tom S., inspired by the 9″ disc sander video. Great job, and thanks for sharing these pics! Added 9/4/2019.

Above is a One Minute Workbench, V2 and it was built by Terry P. This workbench has actually been modified to only be 30″ deep instead of the normal 32″. Terry did this to have the bench fit better into the space available. I love the red color – this thing is on fire! Great job, Terry! Added 9/4/2019.

Above is Rod Martin’s build of the One Minute Workbench, V2. I’m really excited about this build because people often ask me if they can fit a larger miter saw, like the DeWalt DWS779 into the bench. Several people have reported making room for the slides by cutting out part of the cabinet wall, and you can see that’s exactly what Rod has done here. Great job on the build, and thanks for sharing this pics, Rod! If you want to hear Rod’s thoughts on this build, check it out here on his blog. Added 9/20/2019.