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Build your own MicroShop!

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These instructions are a complete step by step guide that will show you how to build the One Minute Workbench MicroShop

This project is designed to be an EASY build – no crazy joinery…HOWEVER….


You MUST have a good understanding of using a table saw in order to build one. There will be parts of this build that will require you to use the table saw while it is partially built. Again you MUST be proficient in table saw use to use a saw in a partially built state. Do NOT attempt any aspect of this project if you feel uncomfortable. You assume all liability for injury or death by proceeding with this project!

About the plans:

  • Formatted for normal sized (8.5″ x 11″) printer paper, so you can print them at home.
  • Includes Imperial (U.S.) version
  • Includes Metric version
  • They also include:
    • A complete shopping list for the materials you need.
    • A complete list of parts you need to cut with all the dimensions necessary (with images).
    • Step by step instructions that accompany and compliment the build video.

About the MicroShop:

  • 32″ (81.3cm) wide x 21″ (53.3cm) deep x 16″ (40.6cm) tall.
  • Includes a table saw, router table, jigsaw table, 9″ (22.9cm) disc sander, drill press, and oversized miter gauge with extended material support arm.
  • About 17″ (43.2cm) rip capacity (could be modified to do more).
  • Drill press has a 4″ (10.2cm) swing, 3″ (7.6cm) drilling depth, and about 8″ (20.3cm) of height adjust-ability.
  • Disc Sander has a variable angle adjustment, anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees.
  • Designed to use high quality Baltic Birch plywood for durability and strength.

Tools required (or at least strongly suggested) to build this project:

  • Circular Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • 23 Gauge Pin Nailer & Compressor (unless your Pin Nailer is electric) (this is optional, but HIGHLY recommended)
  • Drill with the following bits (or metric equivalents): 7/64″ brad point, 1/8″ brad point, 9/64″ metal drilling bit (for pilot holes in saw bases),1/4″ brad point, 5/16″, 5/16″-18 tapping, 3/8″ brad point, 1/4″ spade (long), 3/4″ spade, 7/8″ spade, 1″ spade, 1/4″, router bit, 1/2″ forstner, 7/8″ forstner, 1″ forstner
  • Caliper (Highly Recommended)
  • Wire Strippers
  • Sander/Sandpaper
  • Flat File
  • 9″ Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Sanding Discs (available at Harbor Freight)
  • Hacksaw (or Angle Grinder)
  • Coping Saw (you can get by without this, but it sure made my life easier)


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