Twin Screw Vise, Building Instructions

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Build your own Twin Screw Vise for around $10!

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These instructions are a guide that will show you how to build a twin screw vise and it should only cost you about $10 in materials.

You could probably get by just by watching the video, but if you feel you’d like everything written down with nicely organized steps, these instructions will provide that for you.

Most of the materials used in the design are very common, and easy to find at Home Depot or Lowes. The optional synthetic (or real) leather can usually be found at a fabric store or online.

About the plans:

  • Formatted for normal sized (8.5″ x 11″) printer paper, so you can print them at home.
  • They include:
    • A complete shopping list for the materials you need.
    • A complete list of parts you need to cut with all the dimensions necessary (with images).


  • 24″ Long x 7.5″ deep  x 4.5″ tall
  • Maximum Clamping width: 17.25″


Tools required (or at least strongly suggested) to build this project:

  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Brad Nailer
  • Drill
  • Sander/Sandpaper
  • At least one chisel (a 3/8″ would probably do the trick)



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10 reviews for Twin Screw Vise, Building Instructions

  1. kburnscolumbia (verified owner)


  2. Buster (verified owner)

    Just a straightforward easy to understand presentation Tommy has an easy going way about him and a maturity way beyound his years… a great guy

    What I really like about this guy is that his videos trully are one min workshops. OK the projects do take longer than 1 min but he explains each step in a clear, easy to understand way so, by the end of the clip you will feel confident you can create it. He also provides simple plans that explain all, for very little money. 5 star al the way.. my thanks to you Tommy

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Buster, thank you for taking the time to write a review, and thank you for those awesome compliments! I really appreciate it!

  3. Tom Gillan (verified owner)

    Simply outstanding. A great presentation that made me wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Tom, thank you for taking the time to write that nice review!

  4. Steve (verified owner)

    Thanks Tom for another top idea. I only wish that it had only one operating handle which would make it a whole lot easier to operate.

  5. Gary (verified owner)

    Built the vise this past week. Went great because of your
    Well detailed drawings and explanation. I didn’t have a way to make the knobs, so l bought two cast iron handles. Will start on sander soon.
    Thanks, Tommy for all you do.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thank you, Gary – I’m glad you enjoyed the project!

  6. Brian Haas (verified owner)

    Very clear instructions. I was very pleased with my purchase. I have been able to gather all my materials and will be building my vice in the next week. Reading the instructions and watching the videos makes it clear for this “non-handy” guy to operate and be successful. I will definitely be purchasing more projects from Tommy in the future!

  7. Kevin (verified owner)

    This vice is awesome! I built this in an afternoon using scrap pieces and it works great! Since I don’t have a lathe to make the wood knobs, I used star knobs instead that I bought from the store. Highly recommend this build and have already told a few friends about it. Thank you!!

  8. Jake Jones (verified owner)

    Easy to understand design.
    Design adheres to the KISS principle, which many of us Engineer brains appreciate.
    Thank you for continuing to provide useful projects that can be completed with tools that us average guys have.

  9. Steve (verified owner)

    Great plans,.. great vise. Strong recommendation for this guy.
    Second one I have tried (did the vise mounted router table after this one)
    Ordered a third.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Steve, thank you for the awesome review! I’m glad you’re enjoying the projects!

  10. Steve Jackson (verified owner)

    I built this vise and am using it in my shop. The plans were detailed and accurate.
    Works great!!

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