Folding Sawhorse Plans – FREE!

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FREE DIY Sawhorse Plans. These folding sawhorses take up very little space, and hold A LOT of weight.

Read the full description below, or watch the video here.

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These instructions will show you how to build these Ultra-Compact 23″ tall sawhorses, step by step.

Novice woodworker? No problem, this is a very easy project!

About the Sawhorses:

  • Ultra-Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Stable

About the Plans:

  • Formatted for normal household sized printers, so you can print them at home.
  • Include both Imperial AND Metric Dimensions!

Tools required (or at least strongly suggested) to build this project:

  • Table Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • Drill with a Hole Boring Bit

24 reviews for Folding Sawhorse Plans – FREE!

  1. Jesus Morales (verified owner)

    This saw horses are one of the best I have ever had… Very strong n reliable…

  2. Travis

    I like them they look great

  3. Mike (verified owner)

    The plans were very great … very thorough. The idea is very clever and the sawhorses are very strong. I made one change: I placed a 2×4 (notched) to fit between panels which I notched at bottom. This keeps the sawhorse at a fixed opening and increases its stability. The cross member gets removed each time the SH is folded.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thanks, Mike! And thanks for sharing the details of your modification!

  4. Ron (verified owner)

    I want to complement you on your high quality plans. They are very very complete with detailed measurements and how to cutting suggestions, that will be very helpful in producing a quality set of sawhorses.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thanks, Ron!

  5. Steve (verified owner)

    Great plans, very clear and easy to follow. They could be improved by adding metric measurements or having an alternate, metric version.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review! I’ll add a metric version of the plans when I get some time!

  6. Robert Fontaine (verified owner)

    These sawhorses are awesome!!!

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thank you, Robert!

  7. ROBERT OCONNELL (verified owner)

    I built the two saw horses, and have since cut all the pieces for the workbench
    The plans were easy to follow, having the plywood dimensions was very helpful _ I got them cut when I bought them.
    Strong saw horses _ plan on painting them for protection.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thanks for sharing your review!

  8. Adam Sandor (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant and assembled very quickly. Thank you

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Adam, thank you for awesome review!

  9. Nick (verified owner)

    I was in dire need of a set of sawhorses for a project. These plans worked great , they’re way more stable than figured they’d be, and they only set me back the cost of plywood! Thanks so much
    1 Minute Workbench!

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thank you for the awesome review! I’m glad you’re enjoying the sawhorses!

  10. Biff porridge (verified owner)

    These are great, my shop is quite small so I can tuck them away in a corner until I need them, also really easy plans to follow. Thanks

  11. Graham. (verified owner)

    Downloaded the plans. Not made the saw horses yet, but the plans look very detailed and easy to follow. Good job Tommy.

  12. Mr. Marty (verified owner)

    Hi Tommy: I downloaded the plans just as a test to see how you do your detailed instructions. Very impressive documents. I took the sizes with me to the lumber store and they cut a piece of 1/2″ 4 x 8 sheathing to the main sizes then I brought these 3 pieces home to do the rest of the cutting.
    I followed all of the sizes and did the outer cuts with a circular saw.
    I stacked the 4 pieces together to do the interior cuts.
    They turned out fine but I did need to do a lot of fileing and sanding to make everything smooth. Painted bright red and with the yellow rope they look and work great!

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thanks for taking the time to write a review! I’m glad you’re happy with how they turned out, and I’d love to see pics of the red/yellow combo!

  13. Cahyo Ediyanto (verified owner)

    Very amazing sawhorse

  14. al w carl (verified owner)

    truly a great design
    love them

  15. Dan McKenna (verified owner)

    Great plans! You can always go into a project thinking you know how to do, but having someone do the leg work for you it’s always better.

  16. Saifee Rashiq (verified owner)

    Thanks for giving these plans away for free. The woodworking community seems to be very kind and supportive like that, I’ve noticed.

    Anyhow, I followed them and made two very serviceable sawhorses. If I can do that, anyone can. Angle-cutting the bases was a genius idea!

  17. Keith (verified owner)

    Functional and simple.

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Keith, thank you for the review!

  18. David (verified owner)

    Great straight forward plans.
    Easy to follow.
    Ideal for a small workshop.
    Nice one Tommy

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thanks, David!

  19. claudio (verified owner)

    solid and reliable trestles, very resistant and easy to build

    • Tommy Rich (verified owner)

      Thank you, Claudio!

  20. Jim Petrella (verified owner)

    Clear and concise instructions. Simple yet effective design. Perfect for saving space. I cant wait to build the collapsible workbench to go with them. I dont know what the max load on these is but theres been a pile of lumber sitting on them for a week waiting to be framed in my basement right now and they haven’t fallen apart yet!

  21. jing ledesma (verified owner)

    This is good stuff . will make one of these. need to free some space space since I only have a small room to work on. Thanks Tommy

  22. George

    Great design, simple to build and easy to follow. I also like that the info is both metric and that ancient unit of measurement used only in the USA. Thanks Tommy

  23. Ryan Schwiebert

    Good basic design that uses very little plywood. I changed them a little to fit my needs, but these basic plans were great.

  24. Leonard George (verified owner)

    great plan!!!

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