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$10 Twin Screw Vise!

Years ago, watching YouTube videos of master woodworkers use their high end tools, I developed a strong desire for a twin screw vise. I was completely sold on the twin screw vise design, but when I looked to buy one (or even just the hardware kit for one), my desire turned to envy, because there was no way I could afford to spend $150+ for one.

(Watch the video!)

It didn’t take long before I designed my own version, and made sure I could make it for next to nothing. Is this vise as nice as one that’ll cost you $300? No. Will it clamp up a board with enough strength to hold my bodyweight, all while doing it for 1/30th the price? Yet bet your bottom dollar!

My YouTube video for this vise is probably everything you need to build one, but if you want nice diagrams and instructions, you can buy the plans here for just a couple bucks.

So if you’re suffering from from twin screw vise envy, give this one a try. And when you do, be sure to send me pics of your build so I can add them to the customer gallery!