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One Minute Workbench, V2

It’s Finally Here!

I couldn’t be happier with finally completing the project plans and video for version 2 of the One Minute Workbench. It’s literally been 2+ years in the making. Between being crazy busy with work, school, and life in general, at times it seemed like I might not ever get it done.

(Watch the video!)

(Buy the plans!)

I’m also really happy with the quality of the project plans. My other project plans are, in my opinion (and so far in the opinion of anybody I’ve ever talked to that’s downloaded them) very good, however I think this is my best work yet, and people tell me they are very easy to follow.

If you buy the plans, please let me know what you think, write a review, and be sure to send me photos so you can show off your work in the customer gallery!

As always, until the next time, I hope you have fun building something!