Prototyping Services

Are you an inventor? Have an idea? Over the last several years, through One Minute Workbench, I’ve developed a number of inventions and have vastly improved my shop capabilities. At this point, I have the following tools:

  • CNC Machine
  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine
  • General Metal Working Tools
  • General Woodworking Tools
  • 3D Printer.
  • Advanced Design Software (SolidWorks, and Fusion360)

I’m an accomplished designer and am comfortable working with a wide range of materials and material combinations. I have deep knowledge of metals, plastics, elastomers and the methods by which they are worked (extrusions, castings, machining, injections, etc.). I understand the physics of products, am comfortable designing products, and have advanced CAD software packages that allow me to virtually test designs before ever beginning a prototype.

Things I can do:

  • Design Parts & Products
  • Produce Part & Product Prototypes (and maybe small production runs)
  • Design & Build Injections Molds for Plastics and TPE
  • Design & Build Casting Molds for Plastic Resins and Elastomers

I’ve also learned that I LOVE working on inventions and helping people! It’s the reason I get out of bed every day 😉

If you’d like to bring your ideas to life, send me an email and I’ll get back to you promptly!